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About Me

Julie The Nomadic Foodie

Norwegian - 1990 - 35 countries - solo traveler - Instagrammer


My Story

My story began as many others during Covid in 2020.

After working as a social worker in an office for over 9 years - it was time for a change. 

My dream had for years been to travel, and not just for a holiday. I wanted to go to a new destination instead of going home after a trip. I was inspired by other female solo travelers online and I started manifesting a dream. 

During covid I actively started using Instagram to post about restaurants in Stavanger, Norway. The account got some interest, and a restaurant asked if I could assist them with their accounts. A freelancing business was born, the apartment was rented out and the rest is history. 

The first 14 months I visited 20 countries solo - in 3 different continents. I share tips on restaurants, destinations and experiences from my travels and insights on my daily life as a traveler on my instagram julie.b.christensen. I still work as a freelancing social media manager, content creator and micro influencer, and I have also teamed up with other talents like Isabel in Nelli Media and Renate in Viral. Dreamteams!

Julie B. Christensen

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