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Hvorfor skal du være på sosiale medier?

En gjennomsnittelig voksen scroller på sosiale medier ca 20 timer i uka. Both TikTok and Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, and Facebook has 2.8 billion. 72% of people who use Instagram monthly says they have purchased something after seeing it on the app. If you want to reach a new audience and connect with the existing - SoMe is a great way to go. 

My social media story

My story: I started using Instagram actively in june 2020 - to share food experiences and recommend restaurants. I quickly learned that this is a platform I love, and that I manage really well. My personal account has grown to over 11 000 food and travel loving followers - and my best posts has reached 300 000 people. I started a TikTok account to experiment and get to know the platform, and have created content going viral with a best reach of 6 million people. Story telling on social media is my passion, and now I want to use this passion to help others shine and grow.

If you want to transform your company’s social presence into a valuable asset, or work with a passionate content creator, I’m the person for you. I’m based in Stavanger, Norway - but that doesn’t mean that you have to be.  I’m happy to connect in-person or virtually to discuss any of the services that I provide, from one-off coaching and strategy sessions to more long-term content management. I am also in the beginning of my journey of drone photography, so I can also help you create some content from the sky.

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