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Food boxes / take away kits in Stavanger right now!

Several restaurants are offering take away food and kits for making delicious restaurant food in the comfort of your own home. This is first of all - delicious, and second of all - a great way to support the business in this difficult time! Here is a list of the restaurants that offers this at the moment:

  1. Restaurant Söl

  2. Spiseriet

  3. Cincin

  4. KITA

  5. Fisketorget

  6. Fish and Cow

For more info on the kits ans how to order, keep reading.

For more details on availability and current menus, visit the restaurants homepages and social media channels.


Restaurant Söl has kits with amazing meals for a very reasonable price. They have a new dish everyday. Check their instagram or facebook for information on the current weekly menu. I trird the cod and green curry and it was just packed with flavour!

Email your order to


Spiseriet offers different dishes, you can choose 1, 2 or 3 courses of your liking! I tried the Vegetarian Wellington and it was delicious!

Order from


Cincin offers a take away kit with up to 7 courses of asian, italian and french fusion dishes. So exciting! I have not had the pleasure of trying this one yet, but it looks great! Hope to try this soon though. Order at


KITA has an amazing kit going on, called "En smak av KITA". It was just so much food of excellent quality , asian fusion deliciousness! Cod, lamb, crayfish, sashimi, maki, nori crab tacos and much more. Order at


Fisketorget offers a great food box, and you can choose between a 2 course meal or 3 courses. We had a 2 course meal with their famous fish soup as a starter, and a beautiful cod and risoni as a main. Place orders at


Fish and Cow is also offering a To Go meal of three courses. I have not tried this one yet, but I know Fish and Cow is a high quality restaurant and I hope to try it soon ! Order by emailing to


Happy dining!

- Julie


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