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T-Time Vinbar

Oppdatert: 6. des. 2020

No, it is not time for tea , but for WINE ❤ Storhaug's newest addition, T-Time Vinbar is a wine bar that currently offers organized wine tastings, and is also available for private events. I joined a class called "Wine tasting for dummies" - because I really need help with the wine lingo! Keep reading to see how that went.

Tou, Kvitsøygata 25 4014 Stavanger


T-Time Vinbar is located in between Øst and Tou Scene. I was so happy to hear that a wine bar was coming to Storhaug, since we have a gin bar (Gimlet) and a beer bar (Øst) already, but they don't have a big selection of wines. I am a wine girl!

We were 10 guests on this tasting, that costs about 450 NOK per person. It was more than one meter between every seat, so I will say it was really corona friendly. The table was set up with 5 glasses for each person and the vibes was great.

I just love the interior! I am looking forward for this place to open up for drop in visits, I will be chilling in this booth every night. Or maybe at least once a week. Hopefully they can open up in spring time 2021.

Until then, we sign up for the tastings, right guys?

The bar manager and sommelier Magnus Lindstrøm guided us through the 5 wines. He is truly knowledgeable, funny and interesting to listen to. He is also Swedish, so I even learned some new swedish words. Two classes in one!

Luckily, Magnus provided us with these "cheat sheets" with common wine language that we could look at when we tasted the wines.

We started with describing the wines appearance, then we moved on to the aroma, and last, the taste.

I was way off most of the time, but I got a little hang of it in the end.

We tasted wines with hints of oak, petrol, fruits, berries, minerals, raisins, you name it. The first one was a sparkling rosè, then we had two whites, and two reds at last.

After tasting all the wines, we got some snacks: Olives, foccaccia from Panzanella, meats, cheese and marmelade. I have to say, this was much needed after about 3 hours of wine 😁

Most of the guests stayed after the official tasting, and it was possible to buy an extra glass of wine for those who wanted to. It was a fun experience with a fun group, and I think I actually maybe learned something. I am looking forward to going again on another tasting real soon.

Welcome to Storhaug T - Time Vinbar. I hope you will like it here !

- Julie



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