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Insiders: Foodie Spots in Rio de Janeiro

Get ready to explore Rio's food scene! In this post I've gathered some awesome restaurant suggestions from friends, followers and insiders, along with my own discovered favorites. From juicy Brazilian barbecue, fantastic pizza, pastry, fresh seafood spots, to coffee and drinks, this guide has you covered. Let's dive into the deliciousness Rio has to offer!


Here is everything you guys recommended plus all the places I love myself, in random order!

  • Elena Horto: Classy vibes. Good food and cocktails.

  • Crums Cafe for coffee and cakes

  • The Bakers - try the Devils cake!

  • Duckbill for coffee and cookies

  • Boteca Rainha, Brazilian food

  • Aprazivel

  • Babbo Osteria

  • Villa Sete Cada

  • Churrasqueira for meat

  • Maska - modern Brazilian cuisine

  • Prana Vegetariano

  • Joaquina - Brazilian food by the beach

  • Satyricon

  • Aussie Cafe for coffee and brunch

  • Pope

  • Colombo do Forte for breakfast

  • Mandela

  • Flutuante

  • Plage Cafe for the experience and atmosphere

  • Basha for Arabic food

  • Nusa cafe for brunch

  • Primitivo - great Italian. Simple.

  • Ferro e farinha - Amazing pizza!

  • Da brambini

  • Ella pizzaria

  • Oia - Mediterranean

  • Mr Lam - Chinese upscale

  • Baccio di Latte for gelato

  • Pepo Cafe for breakfast

  • Locale Pizza

  • Lemi Vegan middle eastern

  • Sult - excellent pasta!

  • Ceviche - good Peruvian in Botafogo

  • Flor do céu - tasting menu. Great views.

  • Da Marino

  • D’amici - old school Italian.

  • Chez Claude - French. Great steak.

  • Ruda - Brazilian. Similar to Maska

  • Koral - modern. Like Maska too.

  • Padella - Italian in Botafogo

  • Canastra Leme - Excellent pizza.

  • Shirley - best seafood in Rio?

  • Yaya

  • Frederic leme - best burger in Rio?

  • Zona Zen for pastry

Hope you find something you like! Safe travels in Rio.

Xx Julie


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