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TRONDHEIM: Where to eat? A quick guide!

This is my simple and quick overview of the best places I have eaten in Trondheim in 2021 and 2022. My goal for this guide is to give you some easy tips on where to eat if you have 3 - 4 days here. I have only been to Trondheim twice and I have a lot left to experience, but here is what I have found so far.




For breakfast I recommend sandwiches and pastry at HEVD or at Sellanraa.

If you love croissants, you can't miss Moulangerie, a cafè that specializes in them!


The best coffee experience we had was most definitely at Jacobsen & Svart. For italian artisan ice cream/gelato, go to Gola.


Both Le Bistro and Rive Gauche offers delicious french food and is perfect for lunch! If you prefer a decent pizza, Grano is the place for you. Tasty and crispy pizza and nice service.


If you are after a luxurious wine experience, stop by the wine bar at Hotel Britannia. If you want a more laid back vibe, then Spontan Vinbar is right up your alley! Snacks and food is available both places.


For the fun and casual vibes I would most definitely recommend you try Kraft Bodega. Are you more the traditional type? Then Gubalari is the place for you. Gubalari serves traditional Norwegian food in honour of famours TV cook Ingrid Espelid Hovig. They also have very interesting details in their interior - worth a visit!

If you are after something more fancy, try Fagn. They have one Michelin star at the moment. They also have a more relaxed bistro on the second floor. If you want another amazing luxury meal, you just have to go to Credo. They also have one Michelin star - and they served one of my favourite meals in a while!


I have not made it to everything I want to try yet. My wishlist for my next trip to Trondheim includes :

Eating at Bula Bistro

Staying at Britannia Hotel

Eating at Speilsalen

I hope you enjoy this guide, have a great stay in Trondheim!

- Julie


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