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Food Tour with Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr

Oppdatert: 4. sep. 2020

A few weeks ago we visited Copenhagen, and booked ourselves a customized Food Tour with foodbloggers Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr. A super fun way to get to know this city! Keep reading to see what we experienced.

(You can book a tour yourself at


Cute and anonymous entrance
The smell of freshly baked bread..

We met up with Anders and Kaitlin at Juno The Bakery at Århusgade 48.

My expectations for this bakery and its pastry was HIGH to say the least. Can a cardamom bun be as good as they claim it to be on social media?

cardamom bun, pastry, juno the bakery
The cardamom bun

Turns out it can.

This is the most amazing bun I have ever eaten.

It looks so innocent, but when you lift it up and feel that weight, you now it means business.

The smell of cardamom, the softness, I can't describe this in a good enough way!

buns anders husa, kaitlin orr, pastry , copenhagen , juno the bakery
Kaitlin and Anders, with buns from heaven

When the day starts out with freshly baked pastry and good people, you just know it's going to be a good one.

Kaitlin and Anders are so welcoming, smiling, and knowledgeable, the good vibes was there right from the start.

We did'nt even care that it rained. We had buns.

Me getting all creamy
pastry, bun , juno the bakery
The cream bun

vinbar, ved stranden, copenhagen, winebar
Ved Stranden Vinhandel og Bar

Next up, we tried some of Anders' and Kaitlin's favourite wines.

This winebar is called Ved Stranden Vinhandel og Bar, and it's located in Ved Stranden 10.

wine, natural wine, theodora
Happy us

We started with Theodora, This is a super fresh natural wine from Neusiedlersee-Hügelland.

It is made by the Gut Oggau winery. I personally love natural wines, and this was a definit hit for me. I have tried some of the Gut Oggau wines earlier but Theodora was a new one for us. Nice to meet you Theodora! Fun fact: The name and portrait on the bottles is portraying the wines personality, and Theodora is just one of many familymembers. She is one of the kids, light and energetic.

Next we shared a bottle of Birdscape from Christian Tschida, a bright and vibrant red.

It's actually just in the middle of a red wine and a rosè and perfect on a summer day. Or a rainy day!

Or at night.

Up next is BURGERS from the Gasoline Grill. I have'nt eaten a meatburger in over a year, but if Anders and Kaitlin says its the best, I just have to try it. And I'm glad I did ! I'm now thinking of making this a yearly tradition. Its so juicy, and the bread is super soft and delicoius. They also have a spesial sauce in there that's just so good. They are open until sold out, and they sell out every day! Now that's impressive. Danes like their burgers.

Happy burgerpeople

Walking or biking inbetween stops is a good idea!

Last stop for the day was for ice cream at Det Vide Hus. Homemade lollies of super creamy ice cream, and a perfect end station for the day.

Thanks to Anders and Kaitlin, and ofcourse Svein, for a fun day in Copenhagen!

Do you want to book a tour ? Visit to read more!


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