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Social Solo Travelling 101

Oppdatert: 9. mai 2022

Does solo travelling mean you will be all alone on your trip? Not unless you want to! Keep reading for my list of tips on how to be a social solo traveller! The world is full of people JUST LIKE YOU! I am amazed by the chemistery and energy I have shared with the new people I met , and how incredibly enriching it has been. I am absolutely positive that I will meet several of them again in the future, and I learned so much about myself and others. But how did I meet these people as a newbie solo traveller? 🧐 Mainly in these ways:👇 1. Facebook groups. Use search words like "international people in (city you are visiting)", "digital nomads in (city you are visiting)", or "expats in/ events in/ meetups in (city you are visiting)". Make a post in the group a couple of days before you arrive. (Admin sometimes needs a few days to go through posts) Write a few sentences about yourself , like age , where you are from, what interests you have and in what setting you would like to be social. (Beer, games, hikes or other activities). Write what period you will be available for meetups , put up a photo of yourself and voila! Cool like minded people in your inbox. And some weirdos. Feel the vibe and meet the ones your gut tells you is OK. 🌟 2. is a cool site where you can see and sign up for social events in your area. 3. The Bumble-app. Bumble is an app that lets you choose if you want to swipe to find friends, dates or business partners. Women has to make the first move in date mode. Which I think both men and women can appreaciate. 4. Go on a guided tour themed around your interests. Check the Airbnb activity options in the area, and sign up for the ones you like. Into wine? Sign up for a wine tasting. Into hikes? Sign up for a walking tour. You get my point. ☀️ I went on a few tours during my travels and found new friends in almost every one of them, that I still am in contact with today. 5. Talk to someone! In my case - I randomly spoke to a few people in a bar, and it turned out to be a great evening and interesting conversation. Feel the energy of the people around you and you will quickly feel where it is suitable to initiate contact. 6. Instagram! 🤩 As a fairly active user of Instagram I love using it to connect with other foodies around the world , make plans and ask for tips for food on different destinations.

7. Shared accomodations: Book a room through AirBnb or try a hostel if that is something you are comfortable with. You are almost guaranteed to meet someone interesting there.

What is the best that could happen? Best of luck with social solo travelling, you social butterfly 🦋 If you have any questions about this , don't hesitate to reach out to your fellow newbie solo traveller, yours truly. ❤️

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