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Stavanger right now! Foodie news

So much happened in the Stavanger food scene this week ! Here is a summary of some of it:

  1. Sad news first: Ostehuset Domkirkeplassen had to close their doors. Luckily they will continue to be open in Øst and Hinna. Support them if you can ❤

  2. Garcia closed the Cerveceria , but opened up for lunch in Garcia Stavanger Øst, to keep their employees. I tried all the new dishes, and they are really on to something here! Check out my instagram post for more details, and pictures of the new dishes.

  3. Sirkus Renaa finally opened their doors in Lagårdsveien 61 ! A 900 square meter cirkus of cakes, lunch, pizza, pasta, wine, chocolate and gelato. Check out their instagram here.

  4. Stavanger finally got a dedicated doughnut shop. "Doughnut worry" opens in Langgata 9 today at 11. Be sure to check them out 👏⭐ I got a sneak peak and a taste yesterday, see how that was in this instagram post.

  5. Tako by Fortou announced that they will close their doors at december 17, and open a new concept next year. So exciting! They are hosting a "last supper" thing with a delicious menu - read more and buy tickets here.

Hope you all are well, and I wish you a great weekend. By the way, if you need some advice on where to eat , check out my instagram guides here⭐

- Julie


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