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  • Forfatterens bildeJulie Bryne

Bellies, Stavanger, Norway

Bellies opened in Stavanger about a year ago, and is run by Øystein Lunde Ohna. They offer vegan gourmet food, and they are totally unique in this market in Stavanger. If you are a meat eater, don't freak out: I can promise you, that even you are going to love this food. Give it a try, maybe you will discover some new flavours!

Støperigata 6

Season based, often changing menu for the evening: Set menu of 5 - 8 courses, or vegan pizzas.

Lunch; Danish smørrebrød, or falafels (see the bottom of the page)


Great location with a cozy vibe

With wooden furniture, comfortable lighting and green plants hanging from the ceiling, you feel really good sitting here ready to enjoy the evening.


The meal started off with a serving of borsjtsj, made with beet root and cashew nuts. This is really creamy and flavourful and a perfect starter.


The classic meze: A warm, freshly baked sourdough pita from the wood oven, hummus, baba ganoush and variable sides.

Crazy hot pumpkin with habaneros

This dish certainly woke us up. It looks really innocent but it had some serious punch. I usually don't like spicy food, but this works really well. And the burning sensation disappeared just in time for the next course.

Food art: Pumpkin with umeboshi BBQ

Jerusalem artichokes and chanterelles

I just love the earthy flavours of jerusalem artichokes, here paired perfectly with some chanterelles.

Pizza with kimchi and potato

I am a huge fan of the Bellies pizza. Baked in the wood oven, it just gets the good burnt-ish taste, and always some interesting toppings going on.

Almond pie and almond ice cream

For dessert this evening, among others, an almond pia with soft almond ice cream.

They also offer a great wine package for their set menu, with some really interesting natural wines.

Over to lunch service; Bellies has my all time fave falafel dish.

And danish smørrebrød with yummy topping!

To conclude, I can absolutely recommend Bellies both for casual lunch or pizza, or a full evening dining experience.

I am looking forward to see what comes next from you! And thank you again for inviting us to try your new fall menu.



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