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Sabi Enso - Stavanger

Roger Joya recently opened his new restaurant Sabi Enso in Haakon VIIs gate 7 in Stavanger. He is the chef behind Michelin star restaurant Sabi Omakase. We tried the casual dinner downstairs, and will definitely be back for the omakase experience upstairs when they open up.

Haakon VIIs gate 7

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Roger Joya is a happy chef !

sabi enso, stavanger restaurant, sushi,
Beautiful dining area downstairs

robata grill, sabi enso, stavanger, japanese food, restaurant , roger joya
Specialties from the robata grill - Robatayaki

Using a robata way of cooking, the meat was so juicy and tender!

sushi, sashimi, stavanger, sabi enso, roger joya, omakase
Selection of sashimi and sushi

ube ice cream stavanger sabi enso roger joya japanese dessert
Highly recommended dessert: The Ube Ice Cream

The Ube Ice Cream (a purple sweet potato ice cream) was so creamy and delicious, and I would absolutely recommend it.

Enso is a great new sushi restaurant. The downstairs part has food for everyone in all price ranges, including sharing menus, sushi, dumplings, meats and much more. The upstairs is yet to be explored: They will open for booking some time soon! Until then, thank you for a fun experience, good service and tasty food.

- Julie


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