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Casa Gio (Stavanger)

Oppdatert: 10. nov. 2020

Casa Gio is on my list of top 3 restaurants in Stavanger at the moment. They offer a menu that varies often, so there is always something new to try. They focus on real, genuine food and flavours, slow cooking, excellent wines, and good italian atmosphere. The food is of course handmade, from scratch. The tiramisu is out of this world. Need I say more?


Located in Pedersgata 48, 4013 STAVANGER, Casa Gio is a cute, casual looking little trattoria.

This restaurant is just the perfect scene for a romantic date or a fun evening eith your best friends.

The menu is often changing. At least weekly, sometimes daily, and even a few times just during the evening we last spent here!

The only thing that never changes here, is that the food is high quality, and super tasty.

It's always a good idea to start the evening with a glass of prosecco.

They usually have a couple of different starters. The selection of italian cheeses and charcuterie is often to find here. Ask for olive oil to dip the bread in!

The starters are perfect for sharing, and sets just the right mood.

I have also often had salads for starters here, and I can really recommend it. They are just packed with flavours and fresh vegetables.

pasta , white wine, italian restaurant stavanger
The house white was perfect for a hot summer afternoon

I went for the linguini allo scoglio for main course, and it was divine. The mussels was fresh, the pasta perfectly cooked. And look at the beautiful plates!

The plates are pieces of art

He chose the ravioli, filled with ricotta and mushroom, with a rich butter sauce. Heaven!

ravioli , italian food, restaurant , stavanger
Heavenly ravioli
Rich butter sauce

Luckily, they had more tiramisu left when it was time for dessert. (They often sell out!)

I was actually not a fan of tiramisu, until I had it here. It is so juicy and creamy, with the perfect flavour combination of sweetness and bitter coffee.

My mouth is watering as I'm writing this. Can we go here again soon?

Have you visited Casa Gio?



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