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Foodie in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

I recently visited the beautiful El Nido in Palawan, and now I want to share my best eats and experiences with you guys. Keep reading if you need some tips for your next trip here.


Vanilla Beach (drone view)



One of the best restaurants for local but also Thai and vegetarian food, is Trival Restaurant near Vanilla Beach. It is located on top of a hill which makes going there by foot a whole workout, but it is definitely worth it. The views are spectacular. This place is best for lunch or dinner, the breakfast menu is not as good. Book a spot by the edge if you want to enjoy a majestic sunset from here!

Those who know me, they know that I need to satisfy my pizza cravings once in a while. The very best place to do that in El Nido is at Bella Vita restaurant by Coron Coron beach. Excellent pizza made of good ingredients.

And check out this table view! Coron Coron beach is not the best for swimming because a lot of boats is parked here, but as a lunch or dinner spot it is quite perfect.

Table view from Bella Vita restaurant

On your way to or from Nacpan beach, you will find this little gem sitting humble by the road. This is 86 Gourmet and they make very high quality food - but it is not spot that stands out too much in its appearance. The location is right by the road, which is not ideal for views or vibes - but as mentioned, perfect for a bite if you're driving by.

One of my go to coffee shops is Lazy Hammock Cafe by Vanilla beach. They have a great soy milk iced latte, crepes, and also a few savoury lunch dishes and specialty ice creams.

The interior consists of hammocks and cute decor - and you can even borrow a hat so you feel extra cute when enjoying your coffee.

If you want to eat lunch by the beach, Marimegmeg Beach club has a good menu - and maybe even better: They have good WIFI! That is a rare find on the island, so this place was frequently visited for this reason. It also has cute swings you can sit on while you eat or enjoy a nice cocktail or sangria.

They also have tofu dishes, which I love.

If you crave something healthy, tasty and also possibly vegetarian - Happiness in El Nido center is the place for you. They offer a selection of healthy juices with no added sugar, as well as bowls and dishes with falafels and veggies. Their pita bread and the hummus are their specialties and are a must try!


Doing a day of Island Hopping is something you have to do when in El Nido. There are several tour operators and options so it is easy to get a spot on one. You accomodation can most likely help you book it. It costs around 1600 pesos and includes a wonderful lunch buffet.

There are 4 standars tours you can choose from depending on what you are after. I did tour A which stops by Big Lagoon, Secret Beach, Commando Beach to name a few. We did kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. Coconuts and other beverages can be purchased from men in small boats floating around you at all the stops.


The El Nido Zipline

This little zip line is super fun, and gives you great views of Vanilla Beach. It takes under 2 minutes to go across, but it is just enough to give you a little rush and a new boost. The guides up there also offer to film your experience with a drone and they send the video to you after via WeTransfer, I used my video to make a You Tube video combined with my own clips - watch it here.


This is a very beautiful beach, worth a visit. It has calm parts where you can enjoy the white sand and blue water in silence and peace - and also areas with restaurants and bars, sunbeds for rent and different beach activities.


Beautiful lively beach, one of my favourite places to hang out. Rent a kayak or a paddle board if you want to be active or just lay out on a towel and soak up the sun. Lots of shops and restaurants nearby, and as earlier mentiones, Marimegmeg Beach club has great wifi so be sure to locate near that if you are depending on internet during your day.

Getting around: The most common way to get around is taking these tricycles. I personally find it more comfortable to rent a scooter so I can be more free. A scooter costs from 500 - 700 pesos per day.

WHERE TO STAY: El Nido has a lot of great hotels and Airbnbs, so you will be sure to find something you like and within your budget. This time I stayed in a shared room in a hostel - because the quality of hostels here are really good. (And cheap). I paid 140 dollar for a week, we had amazing views and even a swimming pool. One of the best things about staying in a hostel is hos easy it is to meet new friends. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!

BONUS TIP! If you like staying in shape during your travel, you definitely want to go have a workout at Hieroglyph. A day pass is easy to get and also reasonably priced. It has everything you need to get that sweat pumping.

Have a great stay in El Nido - truly paradise on earth.

- Julie


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