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Gladmat festival Stavanger 2021

As some of you may know, the "Gladmat Festival", (that translates to Happy food festival) is the biggest happening of the year in my opinion. For the last 11 years it has been my absolute highlight - and this year I was invited to be part of the jury. What an honour!

The job: Taste everything. Which is kind of what I usually do anyways - but this time, it had to be done in 3 days , and then we of course had to pick out the best dishes.

I thought it would be an easy task - but no! If I was alone in that jury, I probably would nominate like 20 restaurants for the price of best dish, and we could just nominate 5. 😂 To taste so much delicious food and see all the hard work people had put into it, and then choosing just 5 nominations - that was a real challenge and I was so confused at times.

Luckily I had the experienced Olav Birkeland and Kristian Ebbesen with me, and together I think we made some good decisions in the end. All in all I just feel lucky that I got to taste all these pieces of food art. Also, I got over 20 000 steps rach day , not bad. Thank you Olav and Kristian for beeing such great and patient mentors and company for me on my first "jury duty".

And hats off to Maren, Malin and the whole Gladmat team for pulling of a great and covid friendly festival. I am beyond amazed by your effort.

Here are a few of the highlights of this years Gladmat Festival:

Creative Macarons at Salon Du Nord

Falafels from Maggis Munchies

Raw food cakes from Coco Kanel

Mackerel and strawberries from ANGR

Slider with chevre- Lervig Local

My foodie friend Olav Larsen and me ready for Gladmat !

Honey gelato in croissant from Renaa

Smoked salmon from Iddis Kafé

Potatoe dish with truffles at Bølgen & Moi

Cured hake at Fish and Cow

Crab taco from Harry Pepper

Sushi plate from Sabi Sushi

Grilled vegetables from Ostehuset

The Dirty Burger from Hekkan

Truffle Pizza from Villa 22

Blue my Mind from Siddis Gelato

Mushroom dish at Spiseriet

Fish and black garlic potatoes from NB Sørensen

Tomatoes and rasberries at Bellies

Scallop from Yips

Best dish winner : Halibut Teryaki from Fisketorget

New Creation winner : Curry and banana ice cream from Egersund Chokoladefabrikk

Happy foodies Olav, Kristian and Julie

And believe it or not - this isn't even all we ate! See the WHOLE story from Gladmat 2021 in my story highlights on my Instagram

Thank you jury, staff, restaurants, family and friends for another amazing happy food event.

Looking forward to next year already! Who will be invited to the jury next year? Time will show.

- Julie


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