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  • Forfatterens bildeJulie Bryne

NOMA ** , Copenhagen, Denmark

Oppdatert: 6. des. 2020

NOMA is currently ranked in the world (!!) by The Worlds 50 best restaurants, so this was HUGE.


Refshalevej 96

1432 Copenhagen K Menu: DKK 2,800

Wine Pairing: DKK 1,500

Juice Pairing: DKK 1,000 NOMA currently has two Michelin stars.

Here is a summary of what we experienced:


As the taxi stopped outside, two wonderful ladies greeted us with big smiles and big umbrellas for us to use the rest of the way up to the restaurant building.

The beautiful path up to the restaurant gets you in the excact right mood

Even though we already had seen a hundred pictures of this door, the beauty was striking. Who knew onions on a door could look so majestic. Maybe something to try at home!

We had a photoshoot, as always, and probably took a little long doing it. After a few minutes the staff opened the doors and asked us politely if we could step inside. The NOMA welcome was kind of a shock. I did not know this was something they did for just anyone, maybe only celebrities or the regular customers. What basically happened, was that every member of the staff (probably at least 30 people) stopped what they were doing and came up to say welcome: A really nice thing to do, and I think it is really cool that they make every visitor feel so seen and appreciated.

Since we were here during the summer, we obviously had the summer menu. Yes, I know, this post is super out-dated. They change menus for every season, and they just kicked off their new Game & Forest season.

Here are a few chosen highlights from the summer meal:

For starters, we got a variety of vegetables from the wonderful garden. Felt super healthy.
Radish and flower pie. Pure artwork.

Lobster with rose petals

Fresh summer salad : Squash and berries

King Crab Salad

The amazing celeriac shawarma, that takes hours to make!

Mold pancake. Honestly not my biggest favorite, but definetly interesting.

Tasty edible chocolate flower pot

A truly memorable meal that I am so happy I got to experience.

For the whole story with all the dishes and some filming, check out the highlight NOMA on my Instagram here.



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