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TI Spiseri, Sandnes - Norway

12-15 minutes by train from Stavanger, you find this gem called TI Spiseri, in the center of Sandnes. Run by the talented and service minded chef Ole Dysjaland, they serve up Norway's best burger, amazing pizza, cheeses, charcuterie, excellent wines and much more.

TI Spiseri Langgata 10

4306 Sandnes


Let's talk about this burger first. I actually didn't eat meat for a whole year, and I still don't eat a lot of meat. I am picky about burgers and meat in general, and often choose the vegetarian options. However, the quality of this burger is a game changer, and it makes it possible for me to really enjoy it! A perfectly cooked dry age burger, with caramelized onions and "secret sauce". This just melts in your mouth. Even Anders Husa and Carnivorr has claimed that is is the best burger in Norway. How nice that it is just a short train ride away from me ❤

So, they have the best burger in Norway, that should be enough right? But no, they have some of the best pizzas also! Stone baked to perfection, I have loved every single one of their pizzas, and I think I have tried the whole menu by now.

If I have to choose a favourite, I think it is this next one called Monna Lisa: Topped with serrano ham, mozzarella, truffle cheese and honey, what a combo!

This is where all the pizza magic happens

They have a wide selection of wines in all price ranges

My go- to dessert this season is definitely this marzipan gelato with sea buckthorn sauce. It's almost like eating a cold fluffy cake, but lighter, tastier, and more refined flavours.

I can absolutely recommend TI Spiseri. This is where I bring my girls for a fun night out, have lunch with my mom, or take my family to a nice dinner. I can imagine it is also a super date spot. It is perfect for every occasion.

They have it all - a "good vibe" space, with really delicious and high quality comfort food and good wine selection.

They also have traditional christmas food now if that is what you are craving👍

Enjoy your meal in Sandnes !

- Julie


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