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  • Forfatterens bildeJulie Bryne

SKAAL Matbar, Oslo, Norway

SKAAL is a casual neighborhood restaurant, that just keeps throwing flavours at you while you sip your favourite natural wine. Here is a review of our visit to SKAAL Matbar.

Olaf Ryes plass 12 OSLO No booking, walk-ins only. Menu: Ever changing snack and small dish menu


Skaal translates to "bowl"in Norwegian, and the food here is served in ceramic bowls. The concept is that you can order dishes by a number that serves your need then and there. If you just need a snack or a full dinner, Skaal has the right alternative for you. "Skaal" is also the Norwegian word for "cheers", a word rapidly used by all of us throughout our evening here.

Jalapeño toast cheddar cheese
Toast with cheddar and jalapeño

We started off with a serving of this toast dish that I have seen all over Instagram. What in the world can be so great about a toast, I said. Well, this is just a perfect crunchy, cheesy, spicy snack, and a perfect start of our meal. I get it now - And yes, I will try to make this at home and probably fail.

A nice refreshing glass of the SP68 was a good match.

bolinhos julialtermuli truffles

Second dish, the humble bolinho. A warm delicious ball of salty fish, with truffles. This is serious snacks!

Beet root tartare egg yolk vasil potato
Beet root tartare

One of my favourites of the evening, the beet root tartare. Topped with something creamy that I don't recall what was because I was too excited about eating, some crunchy potatoes and a cured sticky yolk. Heaven.

Monkfish in lobster bisque

Next up, a tender monkfish in a lobster bisque. An amazing combo. I am personally a huge lobster bisque fan (aren't we all) so this was right up my alley.

lamb ragu truffles pasta
Lamb ragu

Lamb ragu and more truffles. A cozy comforting fall- dish.

Pain perdu and mascarpone ice cream

For dessert, we chose to try the pain perdu (french toast) with a creamy mascarpone ice cream. Maybe not the biggest dish in terms of flavours, but certainly good and a nice finish to our meal.


Food and wine: Tasty, comforting snacks. Great selection of the best natural wines.

Vibe: A super cozy vibe. The place is casual, and very welcoming. I could be here for hours on.

Service and staff: The staff is just so energetic, positive, knowledgeable and service minded. I also see on Instagram that they sometime serve up waffles out front on mondays when it's actually closed. Now that's a nice gesture.

To summarize very shortly: we will be back for more!



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