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Support the restaurants! + Some hot suggestions for christmas presents

I am not the first one to write about this subject, but this is important. If we want to have a variety of good restaurants available for us after the pandemics, we have to find a way to support them now. Check out no. 5 and 6 in my list for my best tips for christmas gifts!


"Krumkake" at Garcia Stavanger Øst

  1. It is actually safe to eat out. Maybe even safer than many other activities these days. The staff is there to oversee that everyone uses sanitizers, keeping distance, and cleaning after each group. I have never felt unsafe in a restaurant during the last months.

  2. It is good for your mental health. OK , I have no actual research that supports this argument, I am just speaking for my own mental health: But I do know that being social is good for you, and eating out together is just being social in a safe setting. It is important to have some socializing to avoid depression during this strange time.

  3. Is the restaurants near you open, but they don't serve alcohol? Please don't let this stop you! Most places have some really exciting alcohol free replacements to pair with the food, and the experience can be equally good. And the best part is: No head aches! We should all drink less anyway.

  4. Use the take-away options! Are you unsure about going out, or maybe you are in quarantine? Check to see if your favourite restaurant has a take away option, or maybe try a new restaurant! Wolt and Foodora can easily deliver the food to you if you don't want to pick it up yourself.

  5. Buy restaurant gift cards for christmas! What a perfect gift: Easy for you to buy and give, so fun to receive (I would be super happy) - and so good for the restaurant! It's a win - win - win! And this is a great opportunity to show someone you really know their taste and style.

  6. Maybe an even better gift: (Using this one myself) Suggest to a friend or family member, that instead of buying each other presents, you should use the money to go out and eat together. My good friend Helga and I have been doing this for many years, and it is so much better than giving/receiving "stuff" in my opinion. Memories beats stuff any day if you ask me. And who doesn't need a break from cooking, baking and cleaning before christmas! ❤

What restaurants are still open in Oslo? Check out or for information.

Tapas at Deja Vu Delikatesser in Stavanger


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