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Arendal - a food guide

Arendal is a small town in southern Norway. It is also my hometown. That's why I want to kick off my blog with a post about food to find here.

I have lived away for 11 years, but during the summer, I always visit for a week or two. This year we really got into the food scene , to see if we could dig up some pearls.

Heres what we found!


Arendal has its own small chocolate factory, thats worth a visit. They have chocolate plates, confections, and even chocolate sculptures. So if yo ever need a chocolate penis.. Look no further. (Wish I was kidding)

But, regardless of the tacky chocolate penises, the normal plates and confections are really tasty. My favourites are strawberry-pink chocolate, salted caramel, salted hazelnut, and pistachio.

BAKER JØRGENSEN Bolis (left) , and napoleonskake (right) , from Baker Jørgensen. I am not exaggerating when I say that all people in the world need to try this Napoleonskake. It is the best thing ever. It doesent matter if you usually like Napoleonskake or not, because this is different from all the other Napoleonskake.

It is MANDATORY, and if I see you visit Arendal without having one of these, I shall cry for you. (Svein ate 4 pieces last time we spent a weekend there)

The Bolis is also really good. And everything else they have. Just go there.


Ah, the classical fish cakes from Fiskebrygga.

Freshly made, hot, juicy cakes of fish. Just eat it with your hands on the go, remember to bring a napkin.


Café Victor is a cozy café right by the water of Pollen. (City harbour) During summer, they open their own ice cream bar right around the corner from the cafe. I think this might be the best ice cream we had in Arendal this summer.

For dinner, they offer an exciting tapas menu, drinks, and ofcourse, they have cakes and coffee.


Another great tapas restaurant, with more of the classical stuff. Bravas, olives, manchego, meatballs, dates in bacon, bread and aioli. Great little location in Pollen. Good food, good vibes.


The best fish and chips (the only fish and chips? ) in Arendal is found at Nidelv Brygge. This restaurant is located on a campingsite, on the pier right by the river Nidelva. A great place to spend a summer day. If it rains, they put up walls and roof, and they also have some heating. Their generous salads, sandwiches and burgers are really comforting.

Invite a bunch of friends and get some bottles going, you are bound to have a good time. Just don't expect too much from the toilet facilities.


This is "munker". I tried to use Google for this to see if I could find a good description of what they actually are. Google informs me , this is pastry. Well ,thanks.

Anyway. Try this pastry. They are kind of a big deal in Arendal.


Super cute shop that sells different foods, ingredients, nips, and also during summer puts out tables and serves wine, cake, cheeses, sandwiches.

Arendal is in my opinion definitly best in the summertime.

Have you ever been in Arendal ? What's your favourite spots here?



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