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Italo (Stavanger)

Italo is an italian restaurant in the middle of Stavanger. I love italian food!

The food here is simple and authentic, the people is warm and welcoming. The homemade gelato is so creamy, and we often find ourselves here, for food, wine or ice cream. They do weekly specials, which I love, and they have great vegetarian options.


gelato italo italian restaurant
Italo is located in Smedgata 9, 4012 Stavanger

Italo is a great casual restaurant, with good and affordable food. We eat here a lot, it's just a feelgood place.

This plate of cheese, focacccia and charcutierie is delicious. The selections of cheese and meat vary from time to time. We often share this as an appetizer.

One of the "weekly specials" a few weeks back, a Penne with red bell pepper sauce and walnuts. I have asked if they could please make this a permanent dish on the menu. It was so rich in flavour, paired perfectly with a Sicilian white.

pasta carbonara
Pasta Carbonara

The carbonara is a permanent dish, and is in Sveins words: "The best carbonara he ever had".

Tasty vegetarian lasagna, and squid ink pasta with seafood.

All pasta dishes come with freshly baked foccaccia bread.

vegetarian lasagna
Vegetarian lasagna
Earlier weekly special: Squid ink pasta with seafood

Weekly special: Fettuce, taleggio and pancetta
A decent tiramisu!

In addition to warm comforting pasta dishes, ice cream and desserts, they also have smaller snacks and pastry...

Brioche col tuppo e gelato

...and the best slow coffee!

I hope you want to pay Italo a visit, lets support the local restaurants!



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