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  • Forfatterens bildeJulie Bryne

Maaemo 2.0

Little did I know that this weird year of 2020 was the year I was going to experience a dream of many years.. Maaemo! This was just an amazing, breathtaking evening.


We arrived 20 minutes early to have a photoshoot in front of the door, (as you do).

When we finally decided to ring the famous doorbell, we thought we had a few seconds to calm down and brace ourselves before it opened. No. There were already 4 people standing behind the door, ready to greet us. Now the big question is: Could they see us going bananas out there while they were waiting? The little smiles on their faces might just reveal : Yes. Yes indeed. But I'm pretty sure we are not the only ones doing that. Am I right?

After recieving a small spraybottle of hand disinfectant, we were led downstair to a cozy livingroom. Champagne is first up, and cheers to a very special date !

Then, this great team of people served us some beautiful starters :

Smoked vendace roe and celeriac
Rye, Yeast and Thyme
Aged beef, Onion, Horseradish

duck liver, fermented honey, donut
Duck liver, fermented honey
"Lompe", langoustine

Next, we were led upstairs again to the most spectatcular diningrooom I have ever seen. '

The room was completely quiet. The chefs are right there beside you preparing your food, also in complete silence. The walls are tall and black. This feel almost like some sort of religious event, and we were in awe, unsure If we were even aloud to speak together. So we just whispered.

One of the walls were covered in leftover "bunad" wool. Now, thats original!

Upstairs, we continue with the meal. This is Maaemos signature dish, an Oyster "Tradition".

wild salmon
Wild Salmon
caviar maaemo
Maaemos Caviar

kingcrab smoked reindeer
Kingcrab, Smoked reindeer
My favourite: The Langoustine

Rømmegrøt and cured reindeerheart
Spring lamb cooked over fire

Potatoes, Mountain birch

Mushroom Broth with salted gooseberries
Potatoes and mountain birch

Rolls with lavender and lamb fat

The dessert, Red Berries with warm spices.

Headed back downstairs for some sweet finishers:

Cutest cinnamonrolls ever
Brown butter soft serve

Got our "diploma", and I'm walking out of there really happy (and really full)

Maaemo, you are truly unique.



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