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RE-NAA **, Stavanger Norway

Finally, we got to eat at the amazing Re-Naa. This was actually a birthday present for me, from my mother, that I was supposed to get in march when I turned 30. Planned for a year ahead, you all know what happened in march! Re-Naa closed 3 days before our booking. First world problems, right. I know, I can't complain, and I wont: But needless to say, another 6 months wait felt like forever, but it was totally worth it. Re-Naa Nordbøgata 8, 4006 STAVANGER Set menu : 2400,- (Around 22 servings focused on the best local produce) Wine pairing from 1800,-

Owned by the talented norwegian top chef Sven Erik Renaa. Read more about him and his restaurant here. Book a table here.

Re-Naa currently has two michelin stars.

For full story and videos, check out the highlights on my Instagram.


Here are some of my favourite moments from the meal:

kitchen renaa gourmet michelin table
I love a good view to the kitchen, to watch the magic happen
taco gourmet restaurant renaa
The cutest friday tacos I have ever seen:
Jerusalem artichokes, truffles

Raw shrimps, green strawberries and sudachi

Delicious flat oyster

Toro Tuna, apple, sea urchin, raddish

Squid and black garlic

BBQ Scallop, pumpkin seeds, hot sauce

Wild Turbot, Vin du Jaune, Mushrooms, Walnuts

Crunchy sourdough bread and creamy butter

Monkfish, brussels sprouts


It was a happy moment when there was a second serving of bread! A super soft brioche this time, perfect to dip in gravy.

I have to say, the desserts really impressed me. The colours, the flavours, the presentation: This is perhaps the greatest symphony of dessert I have experienced so far in my short food blog career.

Sea Buckthorn, Meringue, Timut Pepper

Wild Strawberries, nyr, chamomile

Toasted barley, gianduia, almond, pine

Happy foodie

Amazing food, amazing staff and the always great company of my mom and my brother: All in all, a wonderful experience. Thank you all! I am so impressed by team Renaa and what they continue to accomplish here in Stavanger.

Have you been to Re-Naa?

- Julie



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