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Restaurant SÖL (Stavanger)

Oppdatert: 10. nov. 2020

"How is it possible for this place to get any better?", I think to myself. And then, the next time we are there, it's better. Again. The amazing people that works here are really passionate about good food and service.

Everybody can enjoy fine dining thanks to Söl and their affordable menu. A set menu of 6 servings costs about 585,- NOK. They focus on local produce, sustainability, quality, flavour.

They also offer a winepairing, with all natural wines, from 529,- NOK.

I am so happy this pearl is located right in the center of my hometown Stavanger. Hetlandsgata 6 to be exact. Book your table here.


bread butter
Sourdough bread and whipped Røros-butter
Starting of the meal with some bubbles

The meal always starts with fresh, warm bread and creamy whipped butter. I always eat to much of this, but I regret nothing. It is also a good idea to start off with some bubbles to set the mood. The "Splash" was really fresh and vibrant, and might just be a new favourite wine.

Tomatoes, legumes, and fresh cheese
La Blanca from Krasna Hora Winery

The tomato dish is comforting and flavourful. The fresh homemade cheese is really creamy and tasty, and the whole dish is perfectly paired with a glass of La Blanca.

New potatoes, squash, Kalix, butter

The highlight this evening was definetly this dish, with new potatoes and squash in a sauce of butter and Kalix løjrom.

Check out my instagram- post for a video of me lifting the squash up to reveal the potatoes!

cod kale
Cod and kale

The fish at Söl is always cooked to perfection, white and flaky, and no different this evening.

Here at Söl is also the only place I can say I truly love kale.

Blackberries, rhubard and cream cheese ice cream

The desserts at Söl is really something special. This one is ice cream made of cream cheese, topped with blackberries , meringue and rhubard sorbet. A dream!

(Check out Highlights in my Instagram to see me smash that meringue lid.)

The menu changes from time to time, and sometimes, like when it comes to this dessert, that's sad.

Luckily, all their desserts are magical, so I have no doubt the next one will be just as good.

Potato doughnuts and jam, and a nice cup of coffee is a perfect ending.

I will highly recommend Söl to anyone that lives in, or is travelling to, Stavanger.



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